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Our Police Force

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

It is my understanding that our police department is having a hard time attracting recruits. There may be qualified candidates that think of Dallas as home – but, when offered a better salary must pull up roots and move, and not because they want to.

Everyone in Dallas would like to know that our police force is familiar with our city. Everyone wants our police force - that is expected to risk their lives to protect our families and children- to feel appreciated, loved and respected. It is reported that Dallas is 12th out of 15 cities in the area in payscale.


One of the ways that you let them know you care is shown in their paycheck and their future retirement. I believe this is a priority felt by many members of City Council.

There is a formula that will help understand how many additional officers and admin are needed.. It is sometimes based on a ratio of number of p.d. employees to population which should be about 28 for every 10,000 in population. We are at around 23. A more accurate to method to identify the correct number needed to hire is to look at the workload or number of 911 calls. There is a formula - please check back. I will be gathering the data next week.

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