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Homelessness in Dallas

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I have participated in the homeless count for the last two years, through the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. Last year the count was 3,000 homeless. This year it was 4,000! What are we doing to keep from being 5,000 next year? If more come, I would like to know that we know how to manage what we have.

We recently opened within City Hall the office of Homeless Solutions. There are many resources available to the homeless as evident in the app from Our Calling.

These different organizations are designed to meet different needs. As we develop our city into a vibrant city with a strong quality of life and maintain security for our children going to school downtown - we need to create effective processes for uplifting the lives of this segment of our population, I would welcome your thoughts on addressing this.

The convention center frequently has work available on short notice. The need for a wardrobe may need to be addressed as their requirements are specific as to attire.

There are many ways to address homelessness and job creation.

I volunteer at the bridge each month and I was surprised that when I walked a young veteran with PTSD to the bridge who was looking for a shelter and had just gotten off the bus - and then tried to find him the next morning to give him a phone, the bridge had no way of knowing if he was there. If there a predisposition to not tracking the name of folks that are without a bed. How will we unite them with support or family -


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