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The Future Of Dallas Is In Your Hands- Early voting starts Monday

Dear District 2 Voters,

You hold the future of the City of Dallas in your hands: you can choose a candidate to lead this city in the same direction we have been going or in a new direction.

I am asking for your vote. This is my vision for the city:

● Accountability - We do not need to raise taxes and the cost of living any further. I am in favor of the 2.5% cap that the Governor is recommending. The other two candidates in District 2 are against this property tax cap. Taxes have gone up 40% in the last 8 years! Why can’t we live within our budget? Because our taxes are being spent on things not related to the health and safety of our citizens. Let’s spend our money where it counts: more police officers, better roads.

● Waste Reduction - I have made a career out of helping cities reduce waste. I worked with the City of San Jose, CA to divert 64% of their waste from the landfill. Our landfill will be full by 2047 in 28 years. There is a cost to being a throw away society. Every year that we can differ the capital cost of building a new landfill will save the City 35 million dollars. Dallas can lead the way to being green by saving our bottom line.

● Children – Let’s support after school programs and early childhood education. Education is the key. This is a priority for a healthy society.

● Homelessness – this is more complex than adding more shelters or beds. If we are committed to eliminating homelessness, we need to teach life skills in a supportive environment through transitional housing and encourage the completion of a GED.

● Data Driven Decisions - To improve the decision-making process at City Hall we need current data. Dallas has a chief innovation officer who is managing the data relevant to Dallas. Our federal government has passed the “Evidenced-Based Policymaking Act.” These actions point to being accountable for your tax dollar.

My first job out of college was helping my father with companies that needed restructuring to survive. As your city council representative, I will use my fiscal knowledge to keep your taxes working for you.

Please visit my website. A donation of $125.00 or more will receive a copy of the book “Measure What Matters,” by John Doerr.

Any donation or offers to display a yard sign is appreciated. Your support is genuinely needed today. THANK YOU!

Barbara Coombs

Candidate for City Council, District 2

Sunday School Teacher

Mother to Merit Scholar

Small Business Owner

Member of Greater Dallas Planning Council Natural Resources Task Force

Photo by Parker Johnson on Unsplash

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