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Jaime Lerner - Creating positive change on a small budget.

To those who are in Urban Planning - I hope you have heard of this man. He started out as an Architect - but, he left his mark on the world, as the mayor of Curitiba, Brazil. Why am I posting him on a blog about running for City Council in Dallas? In 1992, while Mr. Lerner was mayor, Curitiba was a city of 1.6 million, today it is a city of 3 million. Curitiba is a city larger than Dallas that had bigger problems and a smaller budget. If you want to create a positive change - the amount of change is not proportional to the size of your wallet. There are many videos on his work, I am attaching two - one he did as a talk in Monterey and the other to illustrate the impact of his work. Operation Car Wash is the story of how a team of lawyers from Curitiba, Brazil brought to justice the culture of corruption that pervaded the offices of government of the country of Brazil.

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