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Coombs for Council - Platform

Family is the central unit that has the most impact on the trajectory of your life. We often turn to teachers and other mentors when the family fails us. The influence that family has is strong - it is imperative that as a leader, we recognize the importance of supporting strong families. This includes supporting the completion of high school and providing options for work through a trade, college or technical school. Providing positive after-school programs and great parks. All within a safe environment that recognizes the importance of taking care of the next generation.

Infrastructure needs to be addressed in a way that ensures that the work is done right the first time. That the pothole does not reappear after a strong rain. Either the terms of the contract or the standards for qualifying as a contractor have to change.

Transparency - this position applies to accountability. Being able to state clearly where the money is being spent and the expected timeline for completion. You will see in an earlier post that a credo of Jaime Lerner is to 'get started'. and to show results in a timely manner.

Family - supported through options in education that allows children to explore their potential. Parks and programs that encourage a connection to nature within a safe secure community.

Infrastructure - good roads, bridges and dams. (yes, there is a dam in district 2 that needs repair).

Transparency - we do not need to spend big to get big things done. Be accountable.

Barbara Coombs is the best FIT for Dallas.

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